Anastasia Poirier

Author and Editor

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I believe in honest, constructive, and thorough feedback. My edits tend to be extensive and to the point. It is my goal to help your book/story shine.

I excel at finding continuity errors, inconsistencies, and plot holes, as well as improving readability and grammar. Should we work together, it will be my top priority to make your work the best it can be.

Getting Started

Ready to take the next step with your manuscript? Send me an email with details about your project including the expected word count, genre, desired time frame, and the type of edit you’re interested in. If you’re unsure which level of editing your work requires, I’m happy to help assess where your writing stands.

Please also include an excerpt of around 4,000 words so I can get a sense of your writing. Once I get this, I’ll prepare an estimate. You may also request a sample edit (see below) to get an idea of how I work.

Requesting an estimate or sample does not obligate you to work with me. Similarly, on reviewing your sample, if your project doesn’t fall within my expertise, I may pass on the job. We should both be excited to work together.

Sample Edit

I don’t provide free samples, but I’m happy to edit a chapter or two at my quoted rate (1.25-3/word, depending on amount of work needed) so you can get a feel for my editing style. If you would like a sample edit, please request this in your email. I will return your sample with an estimate for the remainder of your manuscript.

Services and Rates

My rates are based on the industry standards set by the Editorial Freelancers Association and vary depending on the needs of the project. My quote for your manuscript will be determined by the amount of editing required.​

Half of the total payment is due up front and the remainder upon delivery.​ There is a $50 minimum for all projects.

Critiques 1¢/word

Includes a full read-through with constructive feedback on story elements such as character, plot, and pacing.

Developmental Edit 1.25–3¢/word

Focuses on character and plot development, pacing, narrative flow, and an overarching examination of the work’s organization. This type of edit is intended to solidify your story, and I will provide suggestions to help smooth out any rough spots.

Copyedit 1.25–3¢/word

This is ideally done after all developmental issues have been addressed, either through a development edit or peer critique. I will go line-by-line correcting errors such as spelling, typos, and misused words; rewording awkward, unclear, and wordy passages; weeding out weak verbs, adverbs, and filtering words. Additionally, I will note any errors in continuity, consistency, and any missed opportunities in character or plot.

Proofread 1.25¢/word

This is the final step before publishing, after you’ve addressed developmental issues and copy edits. I will correct objective grammar errors, misspelled words, typos, missing words, and punctuation, but I won’t comment on awkward phrasing, story elements, or continuity errors.​


I enjoyed working with Anastasia on my last two projects. She has significantly improved my writing. She is a detail-oriented editor who reliably identifies characters behaving out-of-character or without sufficient motivation, uncovers lingering continuity errors, and thoroughly corrects line-edit issues.

— William Hertling, author of Avogadro Corp and The Last Firewall.

Anastasia is a masterful editor! Her attention to detail in technique and diction is just as strong as her ability to examine and evaluate broader aspects of story telling. She worked closely with me to understand my message and purpose, helping me build confidence and dig more deeply into my stories. Anastasia not only improved my work, she improved my writing skills.

— Monica Villaseñor

I appreciate your thorough and constructive feedback. I'm a sensitive artist and all that bullshit, so when I got it back and saw how heavily marked-up it was, I was a little hurt. But all your remarks are well-placed. I'm incorporating a lot of them into the next draft, and it's making it so much better. You also spotted a lot of things that I failed to see. Thank you. You're a damn good copyeditor.

— Guthrie Taylor

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